Upon confirmation of their reservation, the client automatically accepts the following general conditions of Green Peru Adventures. These conditions form part of the agreement between Green Peru Adventures, its clients and the partners with which Green Peru Adventures collaborates. Green Peru Adventures is obligated to publish these conditions and send the link to its clients and business partners.

Green Peru Adventures is obligated to provide the service in conformity with the information presented to the client before the reservation was made. The client will be sent confirmation of their deposit payment along with an electronic receipt. In the rare case of a complaint that cannot be solved satisfactorily, the client may present their complaint with the authorizing agency in Peru.

GREEN PERU ADVENTURES E.I.R.L. is an official Peruvian company, registration number RUC 20564395529 (General Manager: Roland Leonardo Gamboa). Address: Calle Pumacurco 459, Cusco.
Our general conditions are based on — and we are obligated to adhere to — the Peruvian law.


1. Given that Peru is a developing country, we do our best to deliver high quality services at a reasonable level given the circumstances. Standards of accommodation and transport may not be up to par with those of more developed nations.

2. Roads will not always be paved, or they may have potholes or unmarked speed bumps. When available while travelling, please be sure to keep your safety belt fastened at all times to prevent injuries.

3. Local laws, safety rules, appointments and similar agreements may be interpreted in ways different to what you are accustomed. We ask that you be flexible and keep an open mind.


1. We reject any responsibility in case of unforeseeable circumstances or in case of incidents that concern the responsibility of the client. Furthermore, we are not responsible for delays or cancellations of flights or other means of transportion that affect the travel program of the client.

2. We reserve the right to cancel or modify any program due to unforeseeable circumstances (for example: poor road conditions, failure of public transportation, climatic circumstances, affairs in the internal political situation, wars, strikes, natural disasters or other unexpected events) which make it impossible to complete the client’s program or compromises the safety of our staff and/or the client.

3. We reject any responsibility in case of extraordinary situations pertaining to the client’s safety which may lead to personal injury, loss or theft of personal belongings, or other consequences caused by wreckless or unlawful behavior or neglect of the client themselves. Any additional costs incurred, should a program be modified due to an above-described situation, will be charged to the client. We will modify a program only upon receiving the client’s written approval and advance payment for any additional costs. Green Peru Adventures reserves the right to cancel a program without the possibility of reimbursement if the client refuses to approve of the suggested modification.

4. We reserve the right to cancel any program due to a client’s poor health or physical condition.

5. Loss, from cancellation due to the above-described incidents, will not be compensated if the client can be blamed for the incident (for example: neglect, wreckless or unlawful behavior, or the client’s poor health).

6. We reserve the right to occasionally collaborate with other operators in the event that we do not have the personnel to operate the tour ourselves. The client will always be notified in advance.

7. We reject any responsibility in the event that inaccurate information regarding our services or prices is provided by third parties.


1. We recommend reserving your tour/program at least three months in advance. Programs which include the Inca Trail or Machu Picchu should be reserved as far in advance as possible.

2. The client must acquire any necessary visa, passport and/or document(s) required by the authorities of Peru. If in doubt of the document(s) required, it is recommended that the client contact the embassy of their country.

3. It is the responsibility of the client to provide us with their complete and accurate personal information (i.e., full name, date of birth, nationality, and passport number). If incomplete or inaccurate information is given, the client will be required to cover any administrative costs charged to Green Peru Adventures for the re-issuing of tickets or documents requiring complete and accurate information.

4. It is the client’s responsibility to acertain, well in advance, whether any vaccinations are required or recommended in the areas in which they are travelling, and to take the proper actions and/or preventative measures to protect and ensure their optimal health (e.g., obtain vaccinations; travel with an appropriate and adequate supply of medication; practice good hygiene; and avoid eating at places with poor sanitation practices).

5. The client is responsible for their own health and should inform Green Peru Adventures if they have a medical condition or allergies that could potentially cause complications during their travels.

6. Please note that while we prefer to work with local agencies and transport companies with insurance coverage, should they have coverage, it is usually minimal.

7. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain travel and health insurance. If the client intends to participate in certain sports or activities that may be deemed “high-risk” or “dangerous” (including, but not limited to: paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, kayaking, mountaineering or travel in high-altitude areas) they must ensure that they will be covered; in many cases, an insurance rider (add-on provision) must be purchased. We may ask that the client present proof of insurance and sign a disclaimer before their participation in said activities. Green Peru Adventures rejects any responsibility in case of incidents or injuries sustained in those sports and activities; the client assumes all risk and responsibility. In case of illness or injury, where Green Peru Adventures may have to act on behalf of the client’s safety and wellbeing, any expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the client.


Our prices are in US Dollars and already include taxes; however, they include neither bank transaction fees nor electronic transfer fees. Once a tour is booked and confirmed, all prices are final*, and all services specified in the program are included.

*With the exception of airline tickets purchased through Green Peru Adventures. The way airfares fluctuate throughout a day is difficult to anticipate. Our prices are based on the best fare available at the time of purchase. From the moment we quote you an airfare to the moment we purchase the actual ticket(s), if there is any variation in price, we will notify you as soon as possible.


1. We accept reservations requested via email or through our online booking system together with a prepaid deposit of 60% of the total price. This may be deposited into the Green Peru Adventures bank accounts or transferred via Paypal, Western Union or ABN AMRO Bank in Holland. Account details will be sent by request.

The deposit is 60% of the total cost of the tour. An additional 10% of the deposit amount is charged by both PayPal and our online booking service provider as a transaction fee. ABN AMRO charges 5%. Western Union’s fees vary by country.

2. After receiving the deposit of 60%, we will send the client a confirmation of the program, proof of payment and supplementary information.

3. The remaining 40% balance must be paid at least two days before the start of the tour. If arriving on the same day or the day before the departure of the tour, the remaining 40% balance must be paid one week in advance via one of the above-listed methods of payment. The client is responsible for any bank or payment service provider fees. Should full payment not be received on time, Green Peru Adventures reserves the right to cancel the reservation; the client would be notified as soon as possible.

4. For last-minute reservations (less than three days before the start of the program) we only accept direct payments online. The reservation will be confirmed only after 100% of the total tour price has been received.


1. If a client decides to cancel a booked tour, the possibility of a partial reimbursement of payment will be at the discretion of Green Peru Adventures based on the criteria listed below:

2a. From a prepayment of 60% of the total tour price, a maximum of 20% may be reimbursed. In case of reservations made with third parties that are already prepaid (for example: transport companies, hotels, Lake Titicaca Islands or any other excursions), the reimbursement amount will depend on the conditions of the third party.

Note: Due to strict regulations created by the Ministerio de Cultura with regard to the Inca Trail and the archaeological site of Machu Picchu, any payments made toward the purchase of related permits and tickets (which are non-transferable and non-refundable) cannot be reimbursed.

2b. From the total payment, maximum of 50% may be reimbursed. In case of reservations made with third parties that are already prepaid (for example: transport companies, hotels, Lake Titicaca Islands or any other excursions), the reimbursement amount will depend on the conditions of the third party.

2c. If a client cancels a tour that includes entrance to Machu Picchu, Green Peru Adventures will retain the following (in compensation for non-refundable/non-transferable tickets purchased, administrative fees, and cancellation fees charged to them by third parties):
– 10% of the total deposit* if cancellation is requested 61 to 90 days prior to the tour’s scheduled departure date. The remaining 90% of the deposit will be refunded.
– 100% of the total deposit* if cancellation is requested 60 to 31 days prior to the tour’s scheduled departure date. There would be no refund.
– 100% of the total tour price if cancellation is requested within 30 days prior to the tour’s scheduled departure date.

*deposit = 60% of the total tour price

3. Exceptional circumstances – In case of cancellations due to serious and provable illness or other serious circumstances, the client must comply with the following in order for a refund to be considered:
a. Cancellations must be requested in writing.
b. In case of illness of either the client or a member of the client’s nuclear/immediate family, a written medical statement in English must be submitted; it would be evaluated by a physician designated by Green Peru Adventures.
c. Green Peru Adventures, together with the client, will then evaluate the situation and determine the amount to be refunded. As mentioned in section F-2a above, the refund will not include any monies from Machu Picchu-related tickets.

4. A client may not request reimbursement for an activity included in their program in which they voluntarily choose to not participate.


1. If you booked a guided tour we will provide an experienced and/or well-trained tour guide who is prepared to manage most possible situations encountered during a tour. However, if he or she is confronted with new or unexpected situations, we ask for your patience and understanding.

2. While our tour guides are well-informed about historical culture, local customs and local geography, we still suggest that the client obtain a pocket guide book to offer information from a different perspective.

3. We provide standard accommodations that are in keeping with the price of the tour and local circumstances.

4. Transport during the tour may be with public or private agencies (including, but not limited to, bus, taxi, boat and train). While we do our best to work with reliable transport agencies, circumstances — such as poor weather conditions and road blocks —  may affect service and punctuality.

5. If a client received a student discount with an ISIC card upon booking, the card must be carried with them during their tour.

6. The client must carry their original passport(s) during their tour. Should you renew your passport after your initial booking with Green Peru Adventures, you must bring both your old and new passport with you.

7. The client must return all equipment belonging to Green Peru Adventures in the same condition as when they were issued, minus normal wear and tear. Any damage to equipment will be charged to the client.


The client will be charged a 30 US Dollar administration cost for modifications of an already reserved program. Modifications (e.g., change of flight or an extended hotel stay) will depend on availability. Any extra costs or change fees are in the responsibility of the client.


The client is obligated to comply with all terms and conditions of Green Peru Adventures in order to guarantee a successsful journey. We reject any responsibility in the case of material damage or personal injury due to wreckless or unlawful behavior or neglect of the client themselves. All compensation and costs, including those claimed by third parties, would be covered fully by the client. The client would also assume all responsibility for any damage caused, and Green Peru Adventures would reserve the right to cancel the remainder of the program without the possibility of reimbursement to the client.


In case of any extraordinary situation not considered in this document, in which both sides cannot reach an agreement, we will present the issue to administrative and judicial authorities in Peru.